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Welcome to the Civic Guild!
The Civic Guild is a site for people who create and/or play games that promote good citizenship and good government or professional training. Guild membership offers you the opportunity to share games you enjoy or discuss the games you play with others who are playing similar games. You can also promote your own serious games through the guild site or get feedback from players to help improve your game.

We are currently developing a class in Accessibility for professionals working in engineering or planning. If you are interested in taking this class, send us an email at and we'll add you to the class roster and send you instructions on how to get started.

And make sure to check out our directory of what we've called GovGames at
pbroviak / Apr 03, 2012
More people are using serious games to promote and encourage learning. But sometimes it's difficult to find or keep track of what games are available. And while regular games have tons of sites supporting their players, fan sites just aren't out there for the serious game community. So we set up a GovGame directory to help people find out about what serious games are out there, particularly those promoting or offering information about good citizenship. And this Civic Guild site was set up as a type of fan site for these games.

By participating in the Civic Guild, you can share your gameplay experiences with others, or offer ideas to improve games you play. And if you are a creator of a serious game in this genre, you can promote your game or ask for feedback within the guild. The site also allows members to create journal entries related to serious games. Members can also share media related to serious games such as trailers or screenshots.

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